XAT Very Helpful Study Materials

XAT study materials are very helpful to all students whoever seeking admission for MBA and Ph.D programs. XAT exam consist of quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, English language, general awareness, computer knowledge etc. Quantitative aptitude is related about arithmetic, basic algebra, geometry, geometry, modern maths, data interpretation, bar and pie charts, routes and networks etc.

English language and logical (verbal and non-verbal) reasoning section is time-consuming task that saves your time and allows writing other questions. Read magazines, novels, newspapers, sample passages to improve your skills to attend all kinds of exams etc. Read different books on all subjects to prepare well for your XAT examination. Refer dictionaries to improve vocabulary words regularly to know about unfamiliar words. Knowledge of vocabulary words helps to solve verbal ability section i.e to write essay-writing section.

General Awareness in XAT exam plays a significant role. General knowledge and updated current affairs will help you to connect other unknown topics as well. Be aware of your country’s political, economic, businesses and other conditions together with universal market circumstances, you will be able to answer for appropriate questions.

Benefits of XAT study materials

-         Improves your strengths and confidence levels.
-         Time management skills support you to solve maximum number of questions during exam time.
-         Recognize reasons about your mistakes and don’t repeat mistakes.
-         Advanced computer- based tests helps for your career.
-         Increases grasping power and memorization.

-         Able to improve your skills to solve all kinds of problems.

XAT Preparation Tips - Xavier Admission Test

Xavier Admission Test (XAT) is one of MBA Admission Test. More than 100 MBA institutes, including XIME, XLRI, XISS, XIM and other top rung institutes, use test scores as a primary screening tool for admission to their MBA courses. For XAT exam score you need to plan about your XAT preparation in a well manner to get succeed. Find XAT preparation tips for the written part. Successful XAT preparation requires mock test practices. Study as per plan, supplemented by sufficient XAT exercise tests. Spend lots of time for XAT preparation to solve previous XAT question papers. Refer multiple books to solve all kinds of problems of all subjects and manage time speed. Visit numerous website to take number of mock tests online to manage your speed and use shortcut logics to solve all problems within an allotted time.

XAT exam consist of quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, grammar, data interpretation etc. Group discussion helps to grow your knowledge and communication skills. Always answer for easier questions to manage time for your XAT test. If paper is quite lengthy, glance at it for first few minutes and answer the easier ones first. Try the others later. This will not only save you time but also improve your scores in all sections and confidence. Read each and every questions carefully in exam since silly mistake may harm your efforts. Understand all questions well before solving it. If you have time, revise paper very carefully before submitting.

Important dates for XAT 2015

XAT Important Dates
XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test) exam is conducted across 47 examination centers in India and in two international cities Dubai and Kathmandu. XAT 2015 is conducted on January 4 in the year of 2015.  An official notification for XAT 2015 will be distributed or circulated in many newspapers on August13, 2014.
Xavier Aptitude Test is a national level management entrance exam that is conducted based on pen and paper. This is because candidates of all backgrounds should get equality. This is essentially for those who have come from fortunate background without having knowledge about computer. Those who even doesn’t know how to operate computer.

Important dates for XAT 2015 are as follows:
·        Applications are available from august 12, 2014.
·        Last date for applying is November 22, 2014.
·        Mode of examination is paper and pen based.
·        The last date to change test city is on November 26, 2014.
·        Date for downloading of admit cards, from December 18, 2014 to December 31, 2014.
  XAT 2015 examination date is, January 4, 2015 and the Test timing is 10.30 am to 01.30pm.

XAT(Xavier Aptitude Test) had received registration from 89,400 candidates in the year 2014.XAT test will be conducted by XLRI on behalf of the Xavier Association of Management institutes(XAMI).XAT scores are used by more than 110 business school for PGDM in India. It has formed thousands of motivated thinkers and changed them into business leaders and world class professionals. XAT 2015 results have been declared on January 22 by the officials.

XAT Exam Syllabus

XAT entrance exam is being organized every year by many top institutions all over the country. Both Indian as well as international candidates are eligible to apply XAT entrance exam. XAT has certain syllabus that has been organized by the representatives. But, there is no prescribed syllabus for XAT. XAT exam syllabus has covered an important topic wise that has 4 sections those are general awareness, analytical reasoning and decision making, data interpretation and quantitative ability, verbal ability and logical reasoning.

XAT exam has divided into 2 parts, first part contains multiple-choice questions and second part is general awareness and essay writing. In general awareness you need to be aware of current affairs, try to outlook political and economy news, events of India and world. In analytical reasoning and decision making candidates need to study about table problems, arrangements, decision making and grouping.

 In data interpretation and quantitative ability you need to practice more and more on topics number system, graphs, tables, charts, ratios and proportions, height and distance, profit and loss, probability, clock, problems on train, time and distance ,averages, calendar, permutation and combination.

In verbal ability and logical reasoning candidates needs to concentrate on English grammar, para jumble, fill in the blanks, analogy, comprehension and grammar based questions. Candidates need to study on every topic i.e. mentioned on particular books. At any condition candidates needs to be prepared for XAT exam syllabus wise. If you want to score well marks in exam then don’t leave any single topic from the syllabus.

XAT Exam Score

XAT exam consist of 80-90 questions on quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, decision-making and english language skills. To score good marks in XAT exam, you need to avoid attending negative marking questions. For each and every incorrect answer you will lose 25% negative marking. Read instructions carefully, before starting your test paper. Divide time to write answers for all sections. You should able to score from all sections of XAT exam pattern. XAT exam score card displays after written test. Within short period you should be able to attend all questions of sections quantitative aptitude section, logical reasoning, english grammar, general awareness, computer knowledge and data interpretation. Take number of mock tests to solve questions of all sections to get score in all sections. If you reach maximum score for required sections, definitely you will pass XAT exam. If you have more time for preparation make time-table to complete all subjects.  

Spend more hours for each and every subject regularly. Preplan for your XAT exam. Students need to know about their strengths and weaknesses for all types of test preparation. You should be strong in Mathematics and other subjects that are related to XAT exam. Create your ideas to turn your weaknesses into assets. Do an important task to complete entire XAT syllabus. If you study well, you will be able to complete your syllabus on time. If you are weak in any subject spend lots of time on specific subject to understand thoroughly. Work on practice papers as well to attain maximum scores.

XAT Exam Pattern

XAT entrance exam is generally conducted by XLRI for the admissions of and MBA and PGDM and other management courses. XAT exam is associated for candidates who are seeking to join business schools. XAT exam is divided in two parts, 1st part consists of objective type and 2nd part is consists of subjective type. Maximum time to solve 1st paper is 2 hours and 20 minutes. For the second part allocated time is 40 minutes.

First part consists of multiple-choice questions in 3 different sections those are analytical reasoning and decision making, data interpretation and quantitative ability, verbal and logical ability reasoning. Second part of question paper consists of general awareness and essay writing sections. Marks of general knowledge will not be used for determining the cutoff at first stage of selection.

XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test) exam questions vary from year to year. General knowledge is included in second part of question paper from the year 2013.Time of first part of question paper has been increased by 20 minutes in the year 2013. XAT paper contains different patterns. Hence candidates must need to read the instruction carefully. Wrong answer conveys negative marking for (¼) for wrong answers. Each question consist 5 choices.

Candidates can select their convenient towns from the list of cities available on the official website of XAT. In second part of question paper candidates expected to write 250 to 300 words on essay writing topics. XLRI is ranked top among top five business schools.

About XAT Exam - XLRI Admission Test

Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) is a national level aptitude test conducted in India by XLRI whereas XLRI is officially known as Xavier Labour Relations Institute. It is a business school located in Jamshedpur, state of Jharkhand in India.

If you are seeking MBA from XAT then, you need to appear for XAT exam. XLRI has been conducting entrance exam nearly close to six decades. This entrance debt is recognized for MBA and PGDM programs in business schools related with Xavier Association of Management Institute (XAMI).

In 2013 XAT was a 3 hours long term exam. It was divided into two sections. First paper consists of 3 sections those are quantitative ability, data interpretation and logic reasoning skills, verbal ability (English) with multiple choice questions for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

The second paper is for 40 minutes that is based on general awareness and essay questions. XAT is similar to the Common Admission Test (CAT) and it is conducted by IIMs. But, in Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) CAT has no essays and General awareness section.

XLRI Jamshedpur consists of many programmes those are   Business Management (BM), Personal Management and Industrial Relations (PMIR) and General Management Program (GMP).The PMIR program has been renamed as Human Resource Management (HRM).

XAT scores are considered by other respected MBA institutes such as Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar, Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship from Bangalore, XLRI Jamshedpur School of Management of Jamshedpur, Xavier Institute of Management and Research of Mumbai etc. for selection of candidates to their relevant courses.